Our Inventory

Panta Electronics’ Obsolete Electronic
Part Specials List

This month’s electronic part specials are as follows.
If you would like to receive a quote for any of the following parts please send us an RFQ.

Qty Manufacturer Part Number New D/C Minimum Quote
14 AMD AM26LS34BEA New 91+ quote
96 SIGNETICS 74F160AD New 87+ quote
47 MOTOROLA MC12011L New 92+ quote
52 MOTOROLA 12509/BEAJC New 89/92 quote
48 STM 940700302B New 97+ quote
76 NES MD2905AF New 97+ quote
39 MACOM SWD-109 New 96 quote
37 FSC UA702HMQB New 82+ quote
105 MICRON MT48LC4M32B2P-7 New quote
172 NEWPORT NME0506TM New 98+ quote

Many other obsolete parts in stock and available.

For more details send us your RFQ with your needs.